HaysKids Organizational Profile

HaysKids Organizational Profile


In order to grasp what HaysKids is doing, one needs to have a basic understanding of the devastating statistics individuals with Fetal Alcohol are up against. Ninety percent of those affected with Fetal Alcohol have other mental health diagnosis, eighty percent cannot keep a job, over seventy percent will be confined for either mental health reasons, for alcohol/drug rehab, or for crime. They are vulnerable to extreme impulsivity, do not learn from their mistakes, and fail to choose trustworthy friends. Over sixty percent will have disrupted school experiences and half will get into legal trouble because of sexual issues.  Fetal Alcohol is non-curable organic brain damage.


HaysKids mission is to help individuals with Fetal Alcohol, their parents, and caregivers. Our heart’s desire is to help reduce the effects of secondary disabilities inherent to those with Fetal Alcohol (such as trouble with the law and imprisonment, inappropriate sexual behavior, mental health issues, homelessness, becoming victims of violence and scams, unable to keep a job, and early death.)


We have two different approaches for accomplishing our goals, both of which support each other. The first is through teaching persons with Fetal Alcohol, their parents, and professionals about the disability, with an emphasis on hands-on techniques. We are doing this through our website, writing books and teachings, seminars, DVDs, and one on one support. We are developing or have developed programming that teaches parenting techniques, a school designed for persons with Fetal Alcohol, a School of Transition, a cognitive thinking program, a pottery studio, and a workbook for use by individuals who have Fetal Alcohol.


One of our long-term goals is to create an assisted living center. We desire to become a role model for other centers. 


We are also available for academic based research for the purpose of understanding and helping both people who have Fetal Alcohol and those working with those with Fetal Alcohol. 


We are associated with the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) and the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS).

HaysKids major accomplishments since 2003:•

Created written material about parenting techniques specific to FASD•

  • Offered instruction to parents and professionals on the topic.
  • “Pathways to Success – A Fetal Alcohol E-Workbook – to be done by an individual with Fetal Alcohol.” (99 pages)
  • Created “Pathways to Understanding”- a DVD for parents and professionals. Made in conjunction with UMD.
  • Created and maintained the “HaysKids” web site, which offers Fetal Alcohol instruction, information and resources.
  • Created “School of Transition” – which is an educational program for the FASD transitional years.
  • Built a pottery studio to create jobs, and teach persons with fetal alcohol how to work, including proper work ethics, social and behavioral actions.
  • John and Holiday Hays were awarded the 2006 Congressional Angels of Adoption Award for their work with adoptions and Fetal Alcohol.
  • Purchased a 9000 sq. foot facility
  • Created gardens for food production, education, and future jobs

Major recognition and projects to be completed in 2009:

  • “Pathways to Success” – a DVD on transitions.
  • “Pathways to Success – an e-book for parents and caregivers” (150 + pages)
  • HaysKids will be listed in the National Organization OfFetal Alcohol Syndromes’ “Hall of Fame.” Their workbook will be featured on the NOFAS web site.
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  1. I need to be empowered to start an FAS assited living center in my state. Delaware has little to offer my daughter. Right now her out future lookd bleak. Do you offer training or seminars parents can learn from. please contact me Debbie 302-8932700

  2. johnhays says:

    I’m sorry I just found this, You can call me at 218-969-2116. John