Fetal Alcohol Workbook

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 Pathways to Success

Fetal Alcohol Workbook

For an individual with Fetal Alcohol

 To help them plan for their future and then live it


 By: HaysKids

2 comments on “Fetal Alcohol Workbook
  1. Karen Dickerson says:

    I am raising my grandson I’ve had him since he was 4 & now is 11.He was diagnoised with FAS at agge 5 when I took him for appt to start school.I dont have consistant access to the internet & I’m disabled so dont get to the library much but I sure could use all the information that you can send to me to help me to deal with this situation as he is getting harder to handle as he gets older.My address is Karen Dickerson 961 Grafton Rd #8, Newark Ohio 43055. I have been unable to find support groups here and when I talk to people of his illness they say oh he knows what he is doing you just have to be stricter.Believe me I am strict & he goes to a behavioral school & they have a hard time with him.I am patiently waiting for them to find respite for him & we were denied the big brothers program because no-one is trained to handle his needs.His father is deceased & mother is out there somewhere on drugs.So anything that you can send me that you think may help will be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely Karen Dickerson (desperate grandmother)

  2. johnhays says:

    I’m sorry I just found this, You can call me at 218-969-2116. John