Workbooks Message

Workbooks – we have two of them. Both are written to help a person understand their diagnosis, to help them realize how this affects their life, how it may affect them in the future, and then to do realistic life planning. If they have a diagnosis, or if they will accept the fact that they have fetal alcohol, then use Pathways to Success. If they do not have that diagnosis or will not accept the fact that they have it, then use Preparing For Your Future Workbook.

I like to use the workbooks starting around 14 years of age on into adulthood. The workbooks ask very hard-hitting questions. Questions which, if asked by the parents without the workbook will often end with anger or at least people being upset. For some reason the person using the workbook is calmer and more willing to answer these questions then if a parent or professional asked them.

We would like to encourage counselors to use a workbook with their client.