Radical Approach Message

Radical Approach – this teaching is a hands-on system, bringing together Wheel to Success, Brain Health, and Relationship Parenting.

Its purpose is to help develop the person’s brain using simple techniques that can be done in the home. The goal is to improve one’s behaviors and functioning level. If nothing else, it adds structure to our home, and that is a good thing. But it goes way beyond that. We have seen positive changes. This can even be fun.

I know parents who have seen their child’s behaviors improve by making dietary changes. I had the thought that it isn’t fair to feed them sugar or something that they’re allergic to (such as wheat or dairy) which causes their behaviors to escalate and then we get after them.

Of course this program does not come with a guarantee. I have received help. I’ve also attended seminars, read books, and reports that talk about successes.

I am very serious when I say this. I have a concern that as we raise one’s ability to function, we also raise their ability to get into trouble. Therefore, we must be sure to build our relationship and to teach values from the Wheel to Success.

We will be adding additional information as we develop it. We will have a food area with recipes, where to buy items, storage ideas, and gardening. We will also be adding a major section on OT.

Radical Approach with Forms – Teaching

Wheel to Success

Focusing on the Desired Change