Message to Professionals

Professionals - our hearts desire is to help you to understand the depth of the disability and to give you tools to help you serve those whom have been prenatally exposed whether diagnosed or not. We do not want to stop there but to also give you tools to use when it is not fetal alcohol.

We highly recommend that you study not only what is written for you but also what was written for the individual and parents. For an overview we suggest you listen to the 25 minute powerpoint with audio presentation; A Look at Pathways to Hope and then look at specific areas listed below. Please teach parents of individuals with fetal alcohol by using our tools. Please contact us if we can be of help. Just yesterday I received a call from caseworker about a very troubled 8-year-old boy. I directed her to specific teachings on our website and I offered to give phone support to the residential facility which he currently lives in and future homes where he might live. I also offered support to any professionals who work with him. I tell you this because I really want you to understand we are here to help.

Pathways to Hope

A Look at Pathways to Hope

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