A Look at Pathways to Hope – a PowerPoint Presentation

Pathways to Understanding – Raising Kids with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder DVD

Supports Not Consequences Parenting

A Quick Guide to Parenting Techniques

Teaching Notes (Short teachings to help you understand their disabilities)

Pathways to Hope (What the person with, their parents and professionals need to know)

Preparing for Their Future(For use with individuals where FASD is suspected but not diagnosed.)

Wheel to Success (Five important areas to live by)


A Fetal Alcohol Workbook for individuals with FASD

Preparing for your Future A workbook for adolescence and individuals with disabilities or difficulties. (For use with individuals where FASD is suspected but not diagnosed.)

Misc Teachings

Brain Health (preparing for transitions through brain development)

Radical Approach to Success (a comprehensive program for parenting and improving brain development)

Conference Presentations:

MACMH Annual Conference 2011 Duluth, MN

(Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health)

Why Won’t You Just? Is a guidebook that will offer some new ways of looking at frustrating situations. Even if a problem APPEARS  to be purposeful, deliberate behaviors and choices, ask yourself this question: WHAT IF this problem is coming from an invisible disability? You may be the only person who has ever taken the time to ask that question. Try putting some strategies in place based on this assumption and see if it helps. It can’t hurt and you may see a difference.

This guidebook comes from the Kentucky FASD Organization, visit their website atwww.kyfasd.org for more information.

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