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We hope you find this website educational and helpful.

Thank you for visiting! Our goal is to help individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), their familes and caregivers. We are working to raise national awareness about FASD.

We (John and Holiday Hays) have 13 adopted children, 11 of whom have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The staggering statistics against those with FASD having successful lives, inspired the Hays’ and some friends, who love the Hays’ children to start HaysKids in 2003. Originally, they dreamed of creating an assisted living center for adults with FASD. At the same time, they saw how teaching parenting techniques specific to FASD could really improve the quality of life for FASD children and those raising them. Thus, HaysKids was born.

As our children get older, we need to prepare them for the future, whatever that may be. We have put together a workbook that is allowing us to work together with our children, asking the hard questions and making plans together as a team. We have found that if they do not like the questions and and get upset its not personal because it is a workbook, and it is the “workbook” asking the hard questions and making them think about their future.


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